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Toolkit: 2013 Python Challenge™ Competitors

As a competitor in the 2013 Python Challenge™, the following Toolkit includes the official documents and key resources that you will need.

You are required to carry your 2013 Python Challenge™ Registration Form when harvesting Burmese pythons.

We suggest you carry all these documents with you, or be able to reference the Toolkit online, when you are harvesting Burmese pythons.

  1. 2013 Python Challenge™ Registration Form (your personal copy of this form will be generated online after paying and registering for the Python Challenge™, and must be carried when harvesting Burmese pythons.)
  2. Data Sheet PDF
  3. Drop-off Locations
  4. Euthanasia of a Burmese Python
  5. GPS Protocol PDF
  6. Official Rules of the 2013 Python Challenge™ PDF
  7. Respecting Everglades Habitat 
  8. Guidance on Everglades National Park PDF
  9. Information on keeping and selling the skins