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Become a sponsor of the premier conservation event of 2016!

Sponsoring the 2016 Python Challenge™ will show your commitment to conserving Florida’s natural resources, including the beautiful and unique Florida Everglades and its native wildlife.

Because it takes a team to tackle the threat of an invasive species like the Burmese python, we need your help!

In 2013, more than 80 million people across the nation heard about the 2013 Python Challenge™ as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida raised awareness about the Burmese python and other nonnative species. This time, we plan to do even more with our events, our trainings and our python removal competition.


  • University of Florida
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • South Florida Water Management District
  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Everglades National Park