Snake Capture PoseAre you a registered participant in the python removal competition? Below are important links to additional information and tools that you’ll need when removing pythons during the competition:

  • Registered participants for the python removal competition will have already taken the required online training, but for additional training check out the hands-on, in-person training schedule.
  • Prepare for the competition and plan your route with participating area maps.
  • Get rules and important information for participating management areas during the competition by viewing management area brochures.
  • 2016 Python Challenge™ participants are reminded to conserve the biological diversity of participating public lands during the competition. Learn about respecting the Everglades.
  • Learn the best ways to search for and safely capture Burmese pythons by viewing these educational videos on Searching for Pythons and Safe Capture of Burmese Pythons.
  • Participants who want to hire a guide to gain hands-on experience looking for Burmese pythons in the field should visit the outfitters and guides page for more information
  • Caught a Burmese python during the competition? Find the drop off location closest to you on this interactive map. Also, make sure you follow the safe transport guidelines in the “Collecting Burmese Pythons” section of the general competition rules page.
  • If you are turning in a Burmese python, you will need to be aware of the official Python Challenge™ drop-off locations and hours of operation. Detailed information on drop-off locations and their hours of operation can be seen on this interactive map. Please note that some drop off locations are open only on weekends, while some are open on both weekends and weekdays. Please check the hours of operation for the drop off location you are planning on using.
  • Remember to include all required information with each Burmese python you turn in by filling out the data sheet.
  • Pythons may be harvested and turned in dead from some participating areas during the 2016 Python Challenge™. Participants planning on harvesting Burmese pythons must follow the required euthanasia protocol.
  • Turning in a Burmese python during the competition? You may want to read this information on keeping and selling skins.
  • Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs.

Thank you for helping conserve the Florida Everglades ecosystem — our national natural treasure!