Thanks to everyone who participated in the Virtual Snake Finding Mission! The contest is now over. The grand prize will be awarded at the Invasive Species Awareness Festival on January 16.

Prize PackFollow to take part in the “Virtual Snake Finding Mission!” This contest allows you to be part of the Python Challenge™ — even if you can’t make it to South Florida in person!

Virtual clues to “find” where one of the toy snakes are hiding will be posted to the MyFWC Facebook page. The first person to match our answer will win a Python Challenge™ Prize Pack which will include a mixture of Python Challenge™ items like a T-shirt, tumbler, sticker hat and bag. We’ll even throw in the toy snake. Every winner of the Virtual Snake Finding Mission will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a $100 Bass Pro Shops gift card!

The search for these snakes is designed to remind people that anyone and everyone can help be a part of the solution to invasive species in Florida. Join the search! When you are outside look for pythons. If you see one, either properly report it or (when possible) remove it from the wild.

Any day might be a contest day so make sure you follow MyFWC on Facebook so that you don’t miss an opportunity to win!