Burmese python handling demonstration from the 2013 Python Challenge™.

There are several great ways for you to be part of the 2016 Python Challenge™!

The goal of the Challenge is to get more people involved in Everglades conservation through invasive species removal. Those interested in actively removing Burmese pythons from the Everglades ecosystem can register for the Python Removal Competition.

But if capturing pythons isn’t for you, there are other ways you can participate and make a difference.

Want to learn more about Burmese pythons in Florida? Take the 2016 Python Challenge™ online training module, attend an in-person training or bring family and friends to the Invasive Species Awareness Festival. These opportunities are all for free.

Want to show support for invasive species management in the Everglades? Purchase official 2016 Python Challenge™ gear. Proceeds go towards the management of Burmese pythons in Florida.

Can’t make it to south Florida? Check out the 2016 Python Challenge™ online contests.